Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This is Seth's address

Elder Probert
112 Eagles Pointe Dr. #302
Brunswick, GA. 31525

He has a mission blog at the following address

Letter from Seth August 17th

He Writes:

So, this last week was quite a week. We had Zone Conference on Wednesday and I got a call in the morning from the AP's and they told me that I was giving a training at zone conference(which was in like 2 hours). SO, basically, I got the time to think of what I was going to say on the way down. It was actually coming to me quite clear. He said I would be speaking about telling the truth how it is and resolving concerns. I got there, and we actually ended up doing like session teaching(30 minutes each)!! It was quite interesting. I was with another Zone Leader, and WOW, I felt so good teaching. I have been started to feel a big sense of respect as of late that President said would come! You can actually see a picture of me while i'm teaching on the mission blog stite(dad knows it)! Anyways, it was very spiritual and I was so excited to get out and thrust with all my might. ALL president pretty much spoke about was sustaining leaders, and said, if you can't sustain them here then you're not going to sustain them back home. He also said, this is the way it works, if you don't sustain your district leader or zone leader, then it all trickles back to not sustaining Christ! It was pretty powerful

Dear Friends of Seth Probert

I appreciate the opportunity I had the other night at McDonald's where I ran into Wyatt King, one of Seth's best freinds before leaving on his mission. We spoke religion for a couple of hours and I promised him I would post updates on Seth's Mission Web Site. So here goes. We really appreciate knowing the Kings and their help to our boys over the years. This web site will hopefully update you on what Seth is doing, his address and other interesting tid bits about the "Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints". So all you friends of Seth, I do this for you. Feel free to make comments.

Monday, July 20, 2009

New Address 07-20-09

112 Eagles Pointe Dr. #302
Brunswick, GA. 31525

So, start sending the letters, so I can have a letter the day I get there, and my companion will just be in awe..HA!!

Let's get the facts straight real quick. Elder Probert is in his 6th area THIS YEAR right now(thats counting Kingsland, in the which I left December 23rd)!! So, there's no way he's going to have another one, President wouldn't move him around THAT MUCH. That's just ridiculous. 5 straight 6 week areas would be un called would probably be a record!!!!

President Newman(This morning on the phone), "Elder Probert, I need you to serve as Zone Leader in Brunswick, Georgia!" You heard it right family. I'm going to my 7th area THIS YEAR!!! Talk about moving me aound!!! I cannot belive it but am SO excited. Something he did say in this phone call was that it will be pretty permanent(I!! So, On my mission I served Zone Leader two transfers in a row, than district leader two transfers in a row, than Zone leader one transfer, than district leader one transfer...NOW, back to Zone Leader!! GOTTA LOVE IT!! I will be going back to Georgia Baby and baptizin the world!! President actually told me my companion as well, which was a first. He said I will be with Elder Blackmere!! NOW...get this, he is ZOne Leader as well, and he has been out 4 1/2 months!!! WOW!! So's going to be a lot of fun! The mission is completely transforming..and I love it! We're getting a new area in the mission as well which is going to be in my zone...WAYCROSS, GEORGIA!! pretty exciting. So, Family, what do you know, I can't stay in an area longer than six weeks. I mine as well not unpack in my next!!MOM, this is for grandma...she will probably freak new address is...

Monday, May 18, 2009

New Picture - Seth is a Zone Leader again

Latest Developments

Elder Seth Probert has a new address - 10027 Glenn Ave Glen St. Mary, FL. 32040
The latest e-mail we received from Elder Probert concerns hard work and he writes us the following.
" Well, Family, what great joy fills my soul right now as I have worked harder then I ever had in my life. This week has been INCREDIBLE and I am so grateful to Heavenly Father for it!!
I finished my week out on campus which was great of course. Elder Walker(the elderly missionary) took me to his room and told me President Newman had his eye on me to do great things in the mission, and told me how I did A LOT for the institute and brought an incredible spirit there, and he told me to stay humble and obedient. Hit me very hard to hear that from SUCH a wise man."

He goes on to say in relation to hat an Assistant to the President todl them; "Everyone BETTER be tired, if you're not, you're not working hard enough" Then he told this very inspiring story on how he went hunting with his dad early in the morning one day and his dad sent him another way to find some deer, well, he had this huge heavy gun with him and it was way dark and he was climbing this VERY STEEP MOUNTAIN, well after about a little over a mile, he was dying, he had thoughts of quiting like 30 times..just a BUNCH of thoughts everywhere telling him to stop. He's like.."I could just leave the gun on this bush, then climb the rest of the way" or "I could just sleep right here because i'm exhausted and noone would ever no, I could jsut tell my dad I didn't find any deer" After thinking much, he decided to push through the pain and anguish and continue climbing...FINALLY he got to the top just before sunrise and as the sun shone over the mountain he saw 100's of deer over this great valley!!!!1 He climbed to the top of the mountain pervevering through everything and didn't quite and was able to reap the rewards!"

Then he mentions to the family "I know you're probably like...well Elder Proberts on a mission so he has that drive, NO everyone can have it and needs to have it! It's not just a few select people, it's everyone. We need to constantly be doing something that will increase our faith in Christ and strengthen us in this great gospel. WORK family, there is no substitute, when you're tired, work harder!!!"